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We are in Arizona now! We arrived after a grueling 2 day drive on Sunday the 22nd of November. Still in the process of unpacking, but there's no hurry to get it all done.

Expect updates to come slowly but surely as I get organized and have the time available - for now, here are a couple of videos I recorded today. Pictures to follow.

Our Neighborhood

Condo Tour
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Hi there - I'm Brad. This blog will serve to document what will perhaps be the biggest change of my life.

For almost 40 years I've lived along the Alabama/Georgia border. Now, with the love of my life at my side, I am about to move across the country and begin a new life in Arizona. This blog is a documentary of our journey out West, and the process of going from Good Ol' Boy to Desert Wanderer.

I'm doing this for two reasons: the sake of my own sanity, so that I can have a repository for pictures and stories; and for all of my people back home so that they can be a part of this journey and our new adventures.

To our families and friends who have become family, we love and adore you and will miss seeing you as much as we have, but it is a big sky we live under and it's time for us to experience more of life in a new place. We will be coming back home at least once a year, hopefully twice, and you will all have a place to lay your heads out in the Southwest when it's time for you to come and see us. Our home will always be as open to you there as it is here in Georgia.

Now back to packing up!


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From Cornbread To Cactus: Life In The Desert

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